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Our mission is to produce the highest quality Berkshire pork using proven production methods that ensure animal health and welfare, produce tender and wholesome pork, promote worker safety, and respect the environment in which we live. We strive to ensure the survival of the family farm by using scientifically proven methods while responding to the unique demands of today’s consumer. Saddleberk is a small business of experienced folks who have come together from all sectors of the pork industry to bring you the highest quality product. As we grow, we plan to work exclusively with small family farms, creating a sustainable business model of success while raising our Saddleberk pigs.

Why Saddleberk?


Since its inception in the early 1800’s, the Berkshire breed has been coveted by chefs and culinary experts around the world. Its marbled red meat and stunning buttery texture is what gives this heritage breed its unrivaled taste and tenderness. Berkshire pigs have been raised throughout history to create the best possible eating experience.


Our pork spends extra time on the farm. The result? Slower growth allows for the meat to develop as it would in nature. Creating more marbling, smoother texture, and an overall better tasting meat.


All of our pigs are raised in an environment with access to fresh air, sunshine, and wholesome food. In doing so, we can create a better life for our pigs, and a better product for you.


Saddleberk is a locally owned central Ohio farm. This means the transit time from our farm to your local grocery store or restaurant is as minimal as possible. Never stock- piled in a cooler, or shipped across an ocean. We believe that local equals fresh, and fresh truly is the best.

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